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from I Boombox

Clean blood and ass,
Caucasian, who
Really want a
Relationship and
Montgomery Libya’s
Lady Bird: the newest
Cross street is Haiti,
Vintage sofa deathbed,
The wide sand plains
Of commerce. The
Penny bounced with
Amazing freedom.
Absent-minded bakery,
A crass scramble
To put the snake
On the first thing
In sight. Education
Lite. In the movie
Sad nipples die.
The minuscule
Essential as will.
Blue room blue eyes
Tried to keep
Me there: Charmed
Steele frame.
The chilling
Potato of prison
Abuse videotaped
This wake of clay,
Political alerts
From the grave,
A scrubbed chicken
At Notre Dame,
Charwoman of the
Architectural Dept.,
Her methodical
Imprecision breaking
A random feast
With a family meal.
Outside the sun
Was straightening up,
And further disrespected
What went wrong,
A superbly scanned
Background. Murky
Ass. Semi
Circles call for
Attacks on Iraqis.
In the suburbs of
Los Angeles straight
Rains are rage.
The emotions are
Great fun, who wants
To strobe, tease, such
And look?—a queer-
Sized bed, a
Panoramic intent.
Wet tongue and four
Holes to piss, a
Hint of bamboolary.
Good looking,
“Single and looking
For exasperation.”
A grinding spirit,
Her nipple meandered
Through grainy expanses
Out going get going
Ex-species wheel
Around a dazed
World looking
For a man to
Court and spank,
Powdered sugar
On abstract skin.
The remarkable
Timelessness of
This incident.
For a thorough fire
She pistols the
Dining room.
The lickerish shed
Leans against the
White picket fence,

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what my grandmother always recited to me when i was little

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

louise bourgeois

david bowie wild is the wind

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jerry stahl

You’ve done ­Oprah?
I have, yes. I loved it actually. I got there and I found out that it was a theme show called “When Smart People Do Dumb Things.” It was slightly mortifiying. This was after "Permanent Midnight" came out, but before she had her book club. Oprah was great, man. She leaned over to me during a commercial and said “I smoked crack and I loved it!” And then, you know, after my head exploded, we went back on the air.