Sunday, August 31, 2008

neko case said

"It is about Patsy Cline and it is about Roy Orbison, but it's also about sound dynamics and actual physics," she said. "Reverb is the sound of sound echoing in a room, and that reverb goes up or down depending on how loud or soft you sing. It's kind of like the importance of having breathing in between words: You want to hear the space you're in, and reverb makes it more alive, makes it breathe more."

tomoo gotika

rosson crow

my morning jacket

Sunday, August 24, 2008

joseph lease

Sleeper, leaves are hands, then the house
Breathes: and you tried to give words away:
You’re still trying to convince her
You’re more than a lie: you were asleep,
You couldn’t go in the room: there could
Be glass, there could be fire: summer ambushed
You: you’re watching leaves behind glass, maybe
You could convince her: you went away, slowly:
Sleeper: you kept going away for two hours, for
Two skies, you believed in the mouth, the rose,
The sky: the summer said you were dead already:
Leaves are failure, leaves are hands, dream of
Failure, dream of giving up: she won’t want this
And who would--

joyce kim

farley jackmaster funk

Saturday, August 23, 2008

sally egbert

pop levi

richard brautigan

You will have unreal recollections of me
like half-developed photographs
for all the days of your life, even though
you have never met me because I have dreamt
you. Soon it will be morning, the dream